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Essential Oils

Have you been hearing all about essential oils, but feel a bit overwhelmed and don’t know where to start? I totally get it and felt the same way; I knew nothing about essential oils when I first got started. The best and easiest way to start is to identify your top three priorities. Maybe it’s your kid’s immune system, having beautiful skin {naturally}, or supporting your digestive system.

If you are open to natural options to support your body, you will quickly fall in love with how empowering essential oils are and how simple it is to use them in your home.

Getting Started with Essential Oils

Getting started with doTERRA is just like Costco or Sam’s, you pay $35 to get your wholesale account and customize your kit at wholesale pricing, or you can select one of our enrollment kits which will waive the $35 fee and include your wholesale membership for the next year. A starter kit also take any of the guess work out of getting started with doTERRA, as they are bundled with the most popular oils and products.

Click Here for a full run-down of all the starter kits


When you enroll with with me you not only get my continuous support, but have immediate access to our global team resources + community!

This will come to  be your fave part of this journey!

  • Exclusive access to our Cleanse Program:  30 Day Reset
  • A  1:1 welcome call + health/lifestyle consult
  • A 21-day educational email e-course on how to use your oils
  • Access to our private  Oil Squad Community group 
  • Access to monthly webinar series on in-depth nutrition and essential oil training {using oils for pregnancy, digestion, athletics, immunity, etc}
  • Access to our private Biz Builder Group + Growth Programs if this interests you



Ready to get oils in your home?

  1. If you know what kit you want to get started with, follow these instructions to get started. Go to
  2. Click on Join & Save
  3. Click on Join doTERRA
  4. Select your language and country
  5. Select Wholesale Pricing – if you only want to purchase and use doTERRA. Select Wellness Advocate if you may want to share the oils to get your oils paid for, and/or create an income. Both memberships have the same perks and cost, as a Wellness Advocate you can earn commissions. You can also upgrade at any point for free.
  6. Put in your basic information, it should have my ID number as the enroller and sponsor but just in case it is 1162935
  7. Select your enrollment kit – any of doTERRA’s enrollment kits automatically include your wholesale membership so the $35 fee is waived! You can also add on any additional items at wholesale pricing below your kit. Just type it in. (I always recommend adding a Fractionated Coconut oil with the smaller kits)
  8. Click on “View Total” and put in your credit card information and process!

Your oils will be to you within 3-5 days!


Please contact me after you have enrolled and I will connect you into my private oil community, and we will set up your New Membership welcome call.

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