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Turn Up Your Confidence FAST!

Turn Up Your Confidence FAST!

One of my favorite topics to talk with women about is confidence. We all want to have confidence in ourselves and our abilities, but so many women struggle to have confidence. It can be really challenging to have confidence when we are constantly held to impossible expectations to “have it all.” But you don’t have to be perfect to have confidence, and it is something you can work on  rather than just being born with it. If you don’t already have confidence, you can get there. You look and feel much sexier when you have confidence in yourself.

Up your Confidence-

  1. Think about at least one strength: This isn’t a job interview, but I want you to think about your strengths. You can think about what you’re proud of in every aspect of your life: work, family, health, relationships, self. It’s easy to focus on the negative, but when we point out our positives, we can open ourselves up to seeing all the ways we are great. I like the fact that I take good care of my body, I’m positive even when life is stressful, and I am a good friend when someone is in need. What do you like about yourself?
  2. Sit/stand up straight: Our body language not only communicates with other people, but our mindset and body language are also closely related. Instead of slouching or folding your arms, focus on standing up straight and holding our arms to your sides. Roll back your shoulders and lift your chin. This will communicate to the world and to yourself that you are confident. Good posture energizes your body and your mind.Take a
  3. Reach out: Contact a friend or family member who is always positive and energizes you! We interact with negativity a lot, but being in contact with a positive person also influences us and makes us feel more confident. Send a quick text or Snapchat to your mom, BFF, or hubs and strike up a conversation!
  4. Take a risk: It always boosts my confidence when I take a small risk and succeed. Go to an exercise class you’ve never tried, talk to someone you’ve admired but have been too nervous to talk to, or try a new activity like rock climbing or camping. Once you realize that you can do something you’ve never tried, you’ll have a renewed sense of confidence in yourself.
  5. Eat a healthy meal and go break a sweat: We will feel better about ourselves when we look and feel healthy. You already know the benefits of eating healthy and exercising, but sometimes we forget to do these things if we feel sad or don’t have confidence. Change your attitude by getting a quick sweat session and making yourself a smoothie!

You are a beautiful work in progress, and you should be proud and confident in yourself! What are some ways you work to feel more confident? Comment below! Also check out my book review for Radical Acceptance by Tara Branch to check out a great book about accepting yourself as you are.


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