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DIY Your Spring Herb Garden

DIY Your Spring Herb Garden

Spring has sprung! Spring puts me in the mood to update my home and add something new and fun to my lifestyle! This year, I wanted to start a little herb garden. I may not have the greenest thumb, but these seemed so easy and so useful that I had to try it out. Buying herbs in the store all the time can be a drain on the wallet because they tend to go to waste and you have to keep buying more. It’s worth it to just grow a few on your porch or kitchen window just for the cost. Also, they look pretty, smell heavenly, and just add some splash of joy to your home. Herbs can be added to dishes to improve the foods’ health and flavor for your benefit.

So whether you have a full garden plot or just a few inches and a ray of sunshine, take these steps to make your own little herb garden!-
  1. First things first–SUN: Most herbs love the sun. They are natural little sunbathers, and many need sun for at least 8 hours a day. Assess your spaces and make sure the sun hits the spot where you’d like to place the herbs. You don’t need a ton of space, but sun is essential. Outdoors is best, but an extremely sunny windowsill will suffice as you get started.
  2. Decide on your herbs: Think about the herbs you use the most when cooking or even what culinary styles you like. If you love Italian flavors, try out rosemary and oregano. Have Taco Tuesdays? Try planting cilantro. Adore a mojito in the summer? Definitely plan on growing some mint! Starter tip: basil is easy to grow, hardy, and a healthy staple in many dishes. It’s a great starter herb!
  3. Prep well: Herbs are all a little different and have different needs, so it’s best to start with their own pot and soil. Starting from seed is pretty advanced, so I recommend starting with small plants instead. They already have a head start! You can buy them at grocery stores, plant stores, or mail order. You can pick up some small pots and potting soil. Make sure your pots have a few drainage holes because herbs hate having soggy roots.
  4. Trim them up: Though it’s so fun to watch your plants grow, they definitely need to be trimmed up and trained so they don’t go crazy or fall over from being so heavy! Trim from the top and trim often. Trim off the flower buds because it helps the herbs to grow leaves rather than just try to reproduce. Trimming is good because not only does Trim- www.JuliaNicholson.comit keep your plants in shape, it means you’re eating your herbs!
  5. Check your water: Watering is a tricky art, but you can do it! Make sure to do a little research on your herbs. If you plant basil, it will tell you straight if you water it too much or not enough. Herbs like to be watered frequently but not too much. Make sure you check on them every day if it’s hot outside or every other day if the temp is just warm or cool. The soil should be watered until damp all through but not soaking wet.

Good luck with your garden! I hope your little herbs bring joy and deliciousness to your life!

Some of my favorite recipes include fresh herbs! Check out my Drink Yourself Skinny Detox Water and Butternut Squash Soup for a few great ways to use your herbs!

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