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Beyond the Pickle Jar: Fermented foods and You!

Beyond the Pickle Jar: Fermented foods and You!

Kombucha in your hand after a yoga class. “Probiotics” is written across all of the yogurt cups in your fridge. “Fermented” is no longer just for beer and wine! The fermented food trend has come out of your grandma’s cellar into everyone’s frige. Fermented foods are growing in popularity because of the amazing benefits they can have for your gut and overall health. Let’s dive in to see the benefits of these fermented foods and how you can incorporate them more into your diet (and maybe try some new foods too!).

Fermented Foods-

Foods are fermented when sugars in a food are broken down by microorganisms over time. This process and the microorganisms not only create interesting flavors in foods but also give the foods qualities that help protect your digestive organs and improve digestion overall. This “good bacteria” is introduced into your body and helps regulate digestion. These foods are also partially digested already due to the fermentation process and makes these foods easier to digest.

Fermented Foods-

Try something new! My favorite ferments!

The fermented foods listed below include all the good bacteria that can benefit your body in the best way. These foods are also made with healthy ingredients as well, so you get a ton of flavor with great nutrition.

  • Kombucha: This drink is made from tea and sugar, and the sugar ferments to create the wonderful bacteria. It also tastes delicious and comes in many flavors. It also makes for a great burst of energy.
  • Sauerkraut: This traditional dish made from cabbage and salt is a great topping for foods or a side dish for a full meal. It’s also high in fiber as well, so it packs a great punch!
  • Kimchi: A traditional Korean dish, this cabbage fermented with delicious spices makes for a flavorful addition to Asian-inspired meals.
  • Yogurt: Probably the most well-known gut-friendly food, yogurt is a go-to for health-conscious eaters. To get the most benefits from yogurt, check the label for the “live and active cultures” seal.
  • Pickles: The traditional snack for pregnant women everywhere helps with digestion and tastes delicious. If you crave pickles, snack away without guilt!

Any questions about fermented foods? Ask away! Check out more info on new health trends like The Super Seeds on my blog!

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